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Import and update Item Occurrence to selected Linked Items

If you have planned Item Occurrences within dRofus you should synchronize Item Occurrence and Family Type Instance using the process described: Compare and update Items / Family Type

  1. Link the Family Type to a Item in dRofus

  2. Select the linked Item

  3. Select “Sync”

  4. Tick the box “Import/Update Occurrences

  5. Select “Ok”

6: Select “Continue”

After the sync has completed, you can view the Sync Log.

7. Select “Close”

The Occurrence of the Items are created or updated included Occurrences data. Linked Family type instance data has been updated.

Select the Item in dRofus to view the Occurrences that has been created or updated.

You can also use this process to sync Revit family types instance that is non-Room bounded.

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