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Option 1 - Connections of One Revit Family Type To Multiple dRofus Child Item Types

Connect one Revit Family Type To Multiple dRofus Child Item Types

By setting up a Parent-Child relationship between Items in dRofus, it is possible to transfer the Occurrence from the Parent Item to its Child Item. As a result, the connection between the Occurrence and the corresponding Revit Instance will be transferred to the Child Item Occurrence. The image below demonstrates that in the “Items in Room” overview of dRofus, the Occurrences are divided into three lines following the transfer of two of the Parent Item Occurrence to two separate Child Item.

Child- Item will have a extra running number in the end.

Example: Split general Item into 3 child Item.

An Item called "Computer laptop" with "13" instances. has been imported from the linked Revit room

All the computers will appear identical in terms of geometry and graphics within Revit, but in reality it will be three different types of laptops.

Step 1: Create three Child Items from the "Computer laptop" Parent Item in dRofus to represent the three different types of laptops.

Step 2: Build the data set within each Child Item based on the technical specifications of each laptop model.

This may include details such as processor type, RAM capacity, storage capacity, screen size, etc.

Once the technical specifications have been entered for each Child Item, you can track and manage them separately within dRofus. This will enable you to easily identify which laptops are which type and ensure that the correct specifications are met during procurement and installation.

Step 3: Transfere the 13 occurrences to the 3 different laptop, using “Swap Items” in the right click menu.

Step 4: Validate

If you were to validate or confirm the presence of these computers in the Revit Room using either the "Items in room" or "Items in level/model" window, the Revit Plug-In would identify and match the 13 laptop Family Instances with the 13 laptop Child occurrences.

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