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Link and Synchronize dRofus Items and Revit Family types

In order to link Family Types to Items in dRofus, click on "Items <-> Families":

The following window will appear:

Attribute Configuration

The Attribute Configuration has to be set up and activated, before linking and synchronizing Family Types and dRofus Items . The name of the active Configuration is displayed:

[++] indicate that the synchronizing also will run a Sub-Configuration.

Read more about Revit Attribute Configurations

List of dRofus Items and Revit Family types

  1. Unlinked Items from dRofus: List of all Items in dRofus that are not linked to any Revit Family type

  2. Unlinked Family Symbols from Revit: List over all Family types that are not linked to any dRofus Items.

  3. Linked Items: Shows a list over all dRofus Items that are linked to a Revit Family type

  4. Filter: You can filter the list over unlinked Family types and Linked items, by using selecting categories and tick the box “Only element types in use”

Add/ remove columns

You can add and remove columns in the Right click menu

Right-click options: Right-click anywhere within the “Unlinked Items from dRofus” panels, or the “Linked Items” panel to either

  • Add/remove columns

  • Export the list to Excel

  • Refresh the list.

Linking options:

  1. Link Family Type with an Item in dRofus

  2. Create dRofus Items and Link Revit Family type


  4. Importing Revit family from dRofus Item

Synchronize Family Type and Occurrence

Sync: Synchronize the selected Family Type / Item and Occurrence/instance, using the configuration that is activated.

Sync all: Sync all linked Family Types / Items using the configuration that is activated.

Read more Import and update Item Occurrence to selected Linked Items

Duplicated Key Attribues

It is not possible to synchronize Family types where there are duplicate key attributes. It is recommended that these be audited prior to executing the synchronization process.

If at any stage there are duplicate key attribuetes, a message will be available as follows:

Click on the error to open “Link status” window:

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