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Create and synchronizing Sub Attribute Configurations

Project Administrator Rights in the dRofus project are required to edit or delete sub configurations.

Sub Attribute Configuration can be used to create Configurations, which you want to apply to only one or few Families of specific Category / Categories.

Create Sub Attribute Configuration

  1. Open the “Attribute Configuration Settings”

  2. Select “+” that is located beside the general Attribute Configuration

3. Select categories

4. Select “ok”

The new Sub Configuration is created and the Configuration Editor window will appear:

6. Link Attributes. Read more Create New or Edit Revit Attribute Configuration.

Key Attribute: The Sub-Configuration will be run at the same time as the general Attribute Configuration. You will not be able to set Key Attribute in the Sub-Configuration, since the synchronizing will use the Key Attribute set in the general Attribute Configuration.

7. Select “Close”

The Sub Configuration has now been setup as follows:

You are able to create as many of these Sub Configurations as you like.

Synchronizing Sub-Configuration

The next time you open the “Family Type <-> dRofus Item” window, it will be a "++" symbol next to the active Configuration, indicating that one or more Sub Configurations may be applicable if you were to run a Synchronization:

When synchronizing the Sub-configuration will only be used to send data to the families that is included in the categories you set in step 3.


We have set a configuration for Doors. We run a synchronizing including Doors and Chairs. The general Attribute Configuration will be used for both families but the Sub-Configuration will only be used for Doors.

Delete Sub Configuration

To delete existing Sub Configuration, click on the "-" button next to the Sub Configuration which you would like deleted:

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