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Delete Items Occurrences from agreement

Delete Items Occurrences

By default will all Item occurrences that are offered be included. You can delete occurrences that should not be covered by the Agreement.

  • Remove from Room: If your want to remove the Occurrence in the tender from the room, you must specify the number as 0 and not delete it. Occurrences which have been specified as 0 will be removed from reports and displays of equipment in a room.

  • Delete from agreement: If you delete it from the agreement, the status for the occurrence will return to offered and remain the same.

  • Delete Supplementary from agreement: If the occurrence is supplementary to the agreement, it can be deleted without further operations required.

  1. Select the “Items/Occurrences” Tab

  2. Select Item

  3. Right Click on the Occurrences of the Item that you would like not to be included in the tender

  4. Select “Delete”

  5. Select “Yes” If you are sure you would like to delete the occurences

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