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Item lists Options

An example of a Room with multiple Item Lists is shown above. Some of the options are also available from the toolbar.

  • Next and Previous (ribbon) buttons for navigation to next/previous Room Item List.

  • The Show Log option displays a log of changes to the Item List.

  • The Print button provides different report options to generate to Word, Excel or PDF.


Window displaying Item which can be added to the list. It is possible to add several Item from the Item database at one time. Items can either be found by scrolling through the Item structure or by searching by Item name or number. On the right-hand side of the screen is a list with the Item you want to add to the list. To move an Item from the left to the right, double-click on the Item. If you want to delete Item from this list, double-click again on the Item you want to remove. Once you have selected all the Item you want to add, click on OK.

Open Item:

To open the Item Specification for the Item selected.

Open Product:

To open the Product Specification for the selected Item.


Opens a dialogue box where you can edit quantity and other instance data for this Item.

Existing item:

Displays any existing item linked to this occurrence (ref. chapter 12). Select one of these to open the component in question..

Delete Item:

To delete the Item selected from the list

Undo delete:

Removes the selection for deletion for the Item. Please remember to do this before saving. If you save first, the delete function will be performed and you will not be able to undo.

Copy from/to: 

To copy the item list from or to another Room. If you choose Copy from, you will see a list of other rooms. Select the room you want and click OK. If you choose Copy to, you will be able to copy the item list to one or more other rooms. Select the rooms you want to copy to by clicking them over to the list on the right side. In both cases the room will get the exact same item list and item status as the room you are coping from/to.

Split Occurrence:

If more than 1 item, slit the occurrences of the item in multiple single occurrences.

Item list status:

to change the status of you item list ( unique/derived/from)

Move occurrence to room:

Move occurrence to another room

Swap Item:

Swap this item with another item

Click on Sub Item 

To show the list of sub Item for the Item selected.

Add/Remove columns:

Display selected items fields/attributes on the item list window.

Export to Excel (clicking right or CTRL+E):

Export the item list window as you see it

Refresh (clicking right):

Refresh the page

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