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Example: Link dRofus and Revit and use IFC to view connection in dRofus

Before moving forward we recommend looking at Example: Create and connect Electrical System the Mechanical System

Part 1: Import System from Revit to dRofus

Now that we have shown some of the options for connecting Systems, we wanted to review a potential output that illustrates the connections that the Systems Module is capable of. 

By linking what is planned in Revit to the Systems in dRofus, we can utilize a 3D Model to view planned our System. 

Let’s start by syncing our project with Revit. In this example:

  1. We are going to select the Air Handling Unit that we used in our prior examples. Once the unit is selected, we can link into our project in dRofus.

  2. Select the Air Handling Unit in the window that appears. 

  3. Go to the dRofus Plug-in, and select Import Selected.

  4. In the pop-up window confirm your selection and select Import.

After the import has completed, you can view the results in our dRofus project. 


View IFC in dRofus desktop:

 Let’s go back into the Systems Module.

  1. Before getting started you will need to connect to your IFC file to the dRofus project. 

  2. Once you have connected your IFC file, you can select the 3D model on the right-hand ribbon. This will open the model viewer pane.

  3. You can then select the item group, and you will see the linked items in the viewer. 

You can now see the System is now highlighted in our 3D model view. 

As with all panes in a dRofus project, you can unlock the 3D Model view and adjust.  

As you can see, we now have a 360 view of the 3D model that allows us to highlight and select those items, components and occurrences that are connected to our System.  

Beyond this visualization, this connection to the IFC file allows you to update data in your dRofus project and allows you to synchronize any updates into your IFC file. This means that your dRofus project is the single place that you can update and visualize your Revit, dRofus and IFC data. 

 We hope that this tool shows what is possible once you have connected all your project data in dRofus. 


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