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Display Tender Items Specification

When you enter an occurrence of an Item to a Tender, the Planned Item with price and specification is copied to the Tender Item.

If changes are made to the specification of a Planned Item after it has been added to the Tender, the Tender Item specification will not be automatically updated. To update Tender Item with Planned Item specification, you will need to delete the Item from the Tender and add it again with the updated specification.

You are able to edit and add product specification on the Occurrence in the offer or agreement

To view the Tender Item specification:

  1. Go to the Tender

  2. Open the “Items” tab

  3. Double click on the Item or Right click and select “Open Tender Data”. The window below will appear:

From this window you are able to:

  • Open the Planned Item

  • See the specification that have been copied from the Planned Item to the Tender Item.

  • Add number of years for the lifecycle cost calculation

  • Display Occurrences of the Item

  • Evaluate the offered Items.

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