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Include Items from Linked model in the Item In Room or Level overview

In addition to Family Instances in the current (host) model, you can look for Items/ Revit Family Instances in linked models for selected Levels or Room(s) / Space(s) within the window:

  1. "Items in room"

  2. "Items in level/model"

  3. "Items in level/model (space)

For example, you are currently working within a shell model that is host model for the fit-out as well as MEP models as linked models. To view / compare the Family Instances within the linked models against the planned dRofus Items:

Step 1. Open either the "Items in room" or "Items in level/model" window

Step 2: Select “Options...”

Step 3: Tick the box beside "Look for Items in linked models": 

The Items in the linked model will now appear in the list over Items in Room:

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