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Working with Multiple, Linked and Shared Revit Models

Multiple design models:

A common scenario for dRofus Users is that the Project is divided into multiple design models.

dRofus can be used to efficiently manage information from multiple models by storing the data. The dRofus Plug-in uses the Model Name to ensure that:

  • The information is up to date in the right model

  • Operations occur only for the Rooms which belong to the model you are currently working on.

When using Model Name it is vital that all models that is supposed to be synchronized with dRofus synchronizes with Model Name - to ensure that correct connection between Revit objects and dRofus is established across all models which will prevent unintentional deletion of occurrences or systems.

Read more Use Model Name to work with multiple design models

Usage of Linked Models

Linked model can be used to:

Working with Workshared Models

It is commonplace for a Revit Project to be setup as a Workshared (Central) model.

dRofus can be used to efficiently manage information from multiple (Local) models that are based on a Workshared (Central) model.

For details refer the following sections:

Working with Revit Models hosted by Autodesk

There is no difference in how the dRofus Add-On works when Working with Workshared models.

The dRofus Revit Add-On works with local models and is not dependent on the central file service being used (A360, BIM 360, Revit Server, Local Network, etc.). 

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