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Linking ArchiCAD Favorite Objects to Items in dRofus

To link an ArchiCAD Favorite Object to a dRofus Item, first activate the Items <-> Favorites dialog using the dRofus Menu:

The following dialog panel will appear:

Within this dialog panel, the top-left section lists all the unlinked Items in dRofus and the top-right section lists all the unlinked Favorite Objects in ArchiCAD.

All Items that have already been linked with their corresponding Favorite Objects are listed at the bottom section of the dialog.

  1. Show thumbnails: Checking this box will display the ArchiCAD Favorite Objects in 3D as thumbnails.
  2. Link selected: Select the dRofus Item within the list on the top-left section, select the ArchiCAD Favorite Object within the list on the top-right section and then hit this button to link the two.
  3. Create favorite in ArchiCAD: Select the dRofus Item within the list on the top-left section, select the ArchiCAD Favorite Object within the list on the top-right section and then hit this button to create (as a copy of the selected ArchiCAD Favorite Object) a new Favorite Object then link the two. In this case, the copied Favorite Object will reside in a folder called "dRofus Items" under "Favorites" and the name of this copied Favorite Object will become the dRofus Item Number as follows:

  4. Right-click options: Right-click anywhere within the top-left or bottom sections, and you will be able to either Add/remove columns or Export the list to Excel or Refresh the list.
  5. Unlink: Unlink the selected ArchiCAD Favorite Objects from the corresponding dRofus Items. It is important to note here that when an object is unlinked, the ArchiCAD Favorite Object will no longer be available in the folder called "dRofus Items" under "Favorites".
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