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Move Items Occurrence to Another Room

Move Items Occurrence to Another Room

As with an agreement, you can change the placement for an occurrence

  1. Right click on the Occurrence

  2. Select “Modify Room placement”

  3. Select the new Room

  4. Select “Ok”

  5. Select “Yes” if you are sure.

And the Occurrence has been moved.

Create an additional order

Create an additional order by:

  1. Right clicking on an order

  2. Select “New additional order”.

The only difference between the option under an order and an additional order, is under the Items/occurrences tab. In the additional order you can create new occurrences instead of transferring occurrences from the agreement.

Add Occurrences to the additional Order

  1. Select the “Items/Occurrences” Tab

  2. Right Click on the Item you would like to add Occurrence and select “New Occurrence”

  3. Click on “Select Room”

  4. Select Room

  5. Select “Ok

  6. Select Item either by selecting:

    1. “New Offered Item”

    2. “Select Offered Item”

  7. Enter “Quantity”

  8. Select “Ok”

New Occurrence has been created

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