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Generate Individuals of Items

Generate Individuals of Items

You can generate individuals of occurrences in an agreement or in the order. This implies that you create an individual for each component as opposed to processing all occurrences of the same type in the room as one unit.

By generating individuals in an agreement:

  • You can specify different requirements for two similar occurrences in a room.

  • Each Occurrences gets its own number, bar code, ID etc.

Generet individuals:

  1. Select the “Items/Individuals” tab

  2. Right click on the Item

  3. Select “Generate individuals”

Individuals Properties

You can change the ID etc. for an individual, double click the individual


Individuals can also be deleted by:

  1. Right click on the Item

  2. Selecting “Remove individuals”

Individuals Symbol

Green tick: The Item has the same number of in same number of individuals generated as the number of occurrences

Yellow warning triangle: Indicates that either no individuals have been generated for an item or that the number is incorrect. If individuals are lacking, e.g. because the quantity has been increased, you can once again select Generate individuals to generate the individuals which are lacking.

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