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Room Name Manager

Room name manager can be used to view and change the Room names, Room name descriptions and drawing names used in the project.

As explained in the Room Properties (Name and Numbers), the name of a room is a combination of its name and its description. On the top left, a list of all room names used is displayed, along with the number of rooms, the number of room name descriptions, and the names of corresponding drawings. Clicking on a room name will display the registered room name descriptions in a list on the top right. Selecting a room name or description will show the room associated with that name and description in the list at the bottom. To access the following options, simply right-click on a room name or description:

  • Edit - Change room name and drawing name. All rooms which make use of this name will automatically be assigned the new name.

  • Add – Add new names which come as suggestions when creating a room.

  • Delete – Deletes the name. If the name is used by a room, these will have a blank name or name description.

  • Refresh– Updates the list from the database. This can be useful if you make a lot of changes to names or merge names.

If several names are selected, the only option available is Delete and refresh. This can be useful in connection with sorting a number of rooms in order to delete names which are no longer in use. Room names which are only different because of blank (space) or different use of upper case and lower case letters will appear as orange in the name list. This is to enable you to detect errors which have occurred in name use. 

By selecting and right-clicking on one or more rooms, you are also able to change the room name and room name description used for the selected rooms.

Room Name Manager Icons

Room has Room Data

Room Data Status Not Created

Room has a Note

Room has been marked as deleted

Merge room names

If a room name is changed to one that already exists, the system will prompt for merging the room names. If confirmed, all rooms will have the same name, and any assigned name descriptions will be transferred to the new room name.

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