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Run Task

Run Task- Project

Purge deleted items: All deleted items will be purged from the database, thus reducing the size of the database.

Set all user rights to read access: When this option is selected, all users in the database will default to read only permissions. Note that this does not remove admin rights on users.

Update roles: Refreshes user permissions.  

Clear all logs: This action will clear all of the logs in the database. Logs only clear room data - it does not clear log data on items or templates as they are shared across other projects and the clear log option here is only on the project log - rooms and occurrences. The person who clears the logs is replaced on the log data on items and templates. If clear log option is checked when copying a database and there are rooms and occurrences that carry over - the log data is cleared from previous logs and the person who is creating the copied database is replaced in all log data.

Disable all project users: Disables users on project. 

Run Task - Database

Vacuum- Reclaim disk space, similar when a computer goes through a defragmentation process to consolidate data on a drive. 

Remove all files all on disk and file references in the database- Removes all files from database and any file reference that has been carried over from a copied database. 

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