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Set System component

A system component is a primary component that owns systems. Read more about the significance of system components here: Systems Datamodel and Terminology.

As there is no concept for the System component in IFC 4, dRofus uses two ways of setting the system components. To keep total control of which occurrences will be set as system components for imported systems, classify Items with a system classification or dRofus automatically promotes the first occurrences within the system as system components.

Set System components manually

To control which occurrences are set as system components, it’s recommended to use a classification in dRofus to define them. First, use or create an active classification for Items, Systems, and the number given. In the example below, we have created an example called “System classification”; however, this could be replaced with a project, national, or international classification.

Administration permissions is required to create new classifications. Read more on setting up and editing classifications here. Edit Classification Setup

When Items are created from the IFC file (Create Items in dRofus), users can classifying them. In the example below, note a simple classification structure with two groups: E - Electrical and M - Mechanical.

When we classify, e.g., Item 0303.112, we determine that this Item's occurrence shall be the system component in all systems in which it is a member. If there are two occurrences in the same system with classified items, dRofus will pick the first occurrence in the list of members in the IFC file and promote it as a system component.

In the image below, we can see the result of the importation of occurrences and systems. Prior to the occurrences import we classified three Items as M - Mechanical. The result is three system components, M.001 - M.002, with systems and components in the system browser hierarchy.

  1. Classification groups. In the example above, we created a system classification that is now visible in the System module.

  2. System components

  3. The column showing what systems the occurrences are members of

  4. List of occurrences/components.

Automatic setting of System component

If no Items have been assigned, a system classification, dRofus, will promote the first member in the IFC system as a system component. The image below shows IFC systems and their components.

Screenshot from BimVision 2.24

In the above image, we have 14 systems in total. The first system (“Mechanical Exhaust Air 8”) is expanded so we can see all its members. When importing the first system, the first member (“M_Exhaust Unit with Cabinet—...” highlighted in red) will be promoted as a system component in dRofus. The same logic will be applied to all 14 systems.

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