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Evaluate Offer

Evaluation of offered Items

Evaluate all offers for a tender item,

  1. Open tender

  2. Select “Items” tab

  3. Double click on the Item

  4. Under the “Tender Item” tab, you can select “Change the evaluation matrix” to define an evaluation table.

  5. Select the “Evaluation” tab. This displays a list of all tendered item types

    • With prices

    • Other relevant data.

    • You can classify the Item by using the evaluation table. The system will then calculate a total figure based on weighting of the different criteria and you can also write in a comment to the evaluation. The total weighting (the sum) will be displayed in the list above.

  6. Select the “Overall evaluation for Items” to enter a total evaluation and conclusion regarding the individual item. The same fields can be found in corresponding tabs in the tender window (total evaluation and conclusion regarding the entire tender).

Overview all offers to a Tender

In the Tender you can use the tab called “Offers” to evaluate offers. The information under this tab can be exported to MS Word or Excel.

a) Select “View Item names and corrected unit price”

This gives you the opportunity to se evaluat both offered Item and price

b) Select “Show unit price *number”

This give you the opportunity to evaluat just the offered price with the budget price

The price will be showen as 0,. If the quantity is set to “Quantity option” and not “Quantity”.

Total evaluation of tender and conclusion

For a total evaluation of a tender:

  1. Select Tender

  2. Select the “Complete evaluation” tab under the respective tender.

  3. Enter the total evaluation


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