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User Groups

If you have a group of users that needs identical access levels to a database you can use the concept of User Groups to more effectively manage their access.

User Groups can be understood as roles in the project, if you want to give e.g. the architects or electrical engineers the same access rights you can create a user group and connect the users to that group. All associated users will be given the access you have assigned to the User Group. If you change access right on the User Group, all associated users will also change their access right accordingly.

You can create a new User Group as a project or owner administrator from the project detail page:

  1. Click on the New user group option to create a new user group
  2. All existing User Groups will be visible in the project detail page

When you create a new or edit an existing User Group you will see this page:

Assign/change access for the user group as explained in Project Administrator.

Once you have created a User Group you can assign a user to it from the user detail page:

The user will get identical user access as defined in the User Group

Once a user is connected to a User Group, the users access can only be change via the User Group. Administration permissions can not be added to User Groups.

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