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Why implementing Systems in your organization?

We are going to show you an example of how you can populate your Systems data using Revit, IFC or Excel and the process of populating all your Systems data in dRofus.  

Connecting dRofus and Revit using System Module 

There are numerous advantages to establishing a connection between dRofus and Revit using the Systems Module. To illustrate, we will provide some helpful examples in the Planning, Building and phases of a dRofus Project. 

Planning phase

In the planning phase, connecting Systems to Revit allows to automatically sync data. This means that any changes made in dRofus will automatically be reflected in Revit. The opposite will be true as well. 

The result of this connection is your teams can more easily share information across disciplines. For example, enhanced communication with the Engineers on a project. Since most Engineers are already maintaining their data in Revit (or a similar software) it become easier to ensure increased information sharing with you team members who maintain their data in dRofus.  

This allows for increased visibility around the selection and installation of an item, occurrence, and component, such as an air handling unit. Even though one team is responsible for delivering the object the team responsible for connecting it to the systems (electrical and ventilation) can see the required connections beforehand and anticipate the scope and any potential complication of installation. 

Building phase

In the building phase, Contractors responsible for placing an item or occurrence that is connected to a System will not need to rely on the drawings. They will be able to use dRofus to have a clear and accurate representation of installation. Additionally, Systems provide the ability to actively monitor the building status of a project. This means that an object, that is connected to multiple systems can be monitored by all disciplines involved. As a result, you can monitor the progress of other people‚Äôs work without having to visit the site. 

Maintenance phase

During the maintenance phase of a project the Facilities Management team will have everything in an instance of dRofus even before the project is complete. Of course, this will include all the log records from Revit and dRofus for all of the teams involved in the Planning and Building phases. This will assist in the ability to anticipate upcoming projects and work to scope and plan for them. 

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