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Why Systems?

Imagine that you walk into your local library. You have been to this library before, but now things are much different. Books are everywhere. There are stacks on some shelves, other books are in piles on the floor. These books are not in any specific order by topic, author name, or title. 


So, what has made the library different? It is the organization and cataloguing of the books and resources in the library. This organization is the “invisible” variable that makes the library what it is. Being able to walk in and find a specific book by title or being able to browse for a book by topic is what makes a library a profound place to learn and gain understanding. 


Now, let’s imagine a well-maintained library. The books are on the shelves and everything organized by a categorization system. This is exactly what Systems are in dRofus. Systems provides an “invisible” organization to a project that allows for everyone to know how and where to find what is important to them, when they need it. This analogy is what we want you to keep in mind as you learn more about the function and importance of Systems. 


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