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2. Add or edit groups

Add new tab either by coping or creating new:

Create new

  1. Select the tab where the new group should be added to.

  2. Select "New" in the top menu or right click menu

  3. Enter properties. See more below

  4. Select “Save to database”


The following properties are linked to groups:




The text to be displayed on the tab and in the report

Help text


Row position

Horizontal (row) position in relation to the other groups

column position

Vertical (column) position in relation to the other groups. The groups are drawn by column. In other words, all the groups in column 1 are drawn first before groups in column 2.


Displays a frame which surrounds the group with the name of the group at the top

XSL report template

The appearance the group is to have in PDF reports, ref. below

XSL report template:

The appearance of the PDF report is managed via the XSL report template option. The following options can be selected:




Default group with background text for element, then field values for each field on a line. If the fields have a name which is marked for display in front of/behind the field, this will also be shown. Different types of fields (text, figures, logical) have different fixed widths.


Provides a "document style" for the group in certain reports which have been adapted as such, i.e. that group titles and element titles are shown as numbered headings and contents are formatted as in a document.


Used by groups which comprise one large multi-line text field. The name of the group will be displayed in bold above the text in the fields.


The elements are in two columns.


The elements are in three columns. Typical for elements where there is only one field.


Creates a table of the fields in the elements in this group. Elements are rows and fields are columns. Must only be used for groups where all elements have an equal number of fields. Will make use of the first element to deduce the number of columns in the table and any headings in the columns by looking at the field names. All subsequent elements must be equal! Will distribute positions regularly among the fields.


Group for elements of e.g. the type for "Yes/No and comment" fields. Displayed with headings "Value specification" and any group heading if set. If there are more than two fields in the element, they will be displayed continuously after the second field.


Same as above but without heading for several subsequent groups of same type.


Same as value-spec but in two columns.


Same as above but without headings.


For elements which are of the form "Yes/No, specify, min/max".

percent area

Template adapted to finishes %, m2.


Same as above but without heading for use for several subsequent groups of same type.


% m column set-up for finishes.

Copy group:

When coping a group all levels below will also be copied.

  1. Select group

  2. Right-click

  3. Select “Copy” to copy once or select “Copy..” to create more copies at the same time

  4. Edit the properties on the tabs and the levels bellow

  5. Select “save to database”

  6. Select “refresh” to preview the changes.

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