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Dynamic GUI - Editing


  1. Select the window or panel that you would edit

Window will appear:

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1. Add or edit flags

2. Add or edit groups

3. Add or edit elements

4. Add or edit fields


Please note that "Save to database" has to be selected if you want to permanently save your changes.The functionality in this part of the program has not been as thoroughly tested as the parts designed for normal users. We therefore recommend that you save frequently. If anything should go wrong during the saving function, close dRofus and re-start (it is not enough to just close the editor). This will mean that data from the database will be re-loaded.


To view the changes in the window, click on "Refresh" or press F5. In order to view your changes, the values in the field must be saved locally, but not necessarily to the database

View Filter.

For Item data fields and Room data fields have to be added to a filter to be visible.

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Edit Room Data View Filter

Items Type Filter

Deleting fields, elements, groups and tabs

It is often necessary to stop the log for your current form before you can delete fields. To do this, go to Administration->Main project/project->Main project->Logs. If you receive an error message when deleting, this is most probably the cause. 

  1. Select the field, element, group or tab that should be deleted

  2. Select "Delete" in the top menu or right click menu

  3. Select “Save to database”.


WARNING: When you delete a field, all the data saved for the field will also be deleted. All logs for the field will also be deleted.

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