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3. Add or edit elements

Add new Element either by coping or creating new:

Create new:

  1. Select the group where the new element should be added to

  2. Select either:

    1. "New" in the top menu or right-click menu.

    2. Or predefined elements/fields from the right-click menu:

  • Yes/No comment field. Creates an element with a logical field and a text field.

  • Yes/No number of comments field. Creates an element with a logical field, numerical and a text field.

  • Yes/No % m2 field. Creates an element with a logical and two numerical fields designed for finishes.

The benefit of using one of the predefined templates is that all the field settings have been executed, for example that the fields are available when the logical field is flagged.

3. Enter Properties. See more info below.

4. Select “Save to database”


Following properties are available in the element level:




The reciprocal position of this element in relation to the other elements


The text to be used in front of the element, i.e. the background text for the fields

Help text

Help text for the field. In the Room Data screen, this will be displayed at the bottom of the screen when the user fills in the field.

XSL report template


Copy elements

When coping elements will also fields in the level below be copied.

  1. Select element

  2. Right-click

  3. Select “Copy” to copy once or select “Copy..” to create more copies at the same time

  4. Edit the properties on the new element(s) and field(s)

  5. Select “save to database”

  6. Select “refresh” to preview the changes.

Move elements

Elements can be moved between groups by using the "drag and drop" method in the tree. It is also possible to change the sequence in this way (position).

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