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Add information to the Occurrences / individual in delivery

Generate individual

You can split Occurrences into indiviuals units, that gives you the opportunity to register delivery information for the individual occurrence, where there are several in the same room. This process allocates a unique number and bar code for the individual which is used during delivery.

You can generate and remove individuals in the Procurement module. Read more: Generate Individuals of Items or in the delivery module:

  1. Select order

  2. Select the “Items/Occurrences” tab

  3. Select the Item

  4. Right click

  5. Select “Generate Individuals” or “Remove Individuals”

Add Information

You can only register delivery information on the Occurrences /individual if it has a status. If the individual does not have a status, the dialogue box will automatically select the first status in the drop-down menu.

You can register information:

1.Select the Item or occurrence/individuale

2. Open the “Edit” window by either:

a) Select “Enter” on your keyboard

b) Double click

c) Select “Edit” from the right click menu

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