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Interface Delivery module

1.List of Orders

Displays all orders which have been locked in the Procurement module. Create new order

Edit layout

Switch view:

The list of orders can be configured to be displayed either

  • On the left-hand side

  • Above the details.

“Swith view” to change view.

Display order

Orders can be displayed as:

  • Detailed list

  • Large or small icons

Right click the list to display these options.

2. Searches

2.1 Search Items in Delivery

The delivery module has its own search function which search for Occurrences/individuals in delivery, based on specified criteria. This function can be used to produce residual lists by searching for

  • equipment with a specific status

  • lists of occurrences/individuals for follow-up within a specific period of time

  • lists of equipment from specific suppliers etc.

2.2 Search through orders

This option will search through all the orders which contain parts of your search word. Your search can include

  • Order number

  • Order name

  • Agreement number

  • Agreement name

  • Supplier.

If you select exact search, the program will only search for exactly what you enter in the search field.

3. Order information

You are able to display information about the order:

Details Tab:

  • General order and delivery information.

  • Delivery and order status: The status for an order is defined by the project. Read more: Setup for the Delivery Module

  • Item occurrences status: The first line displays how many occurrences/individuals there are in total for the order. The next line shows how many of them have registered a delivery status. The following lines show the different statuses and the quantity for each of these. The statuses for the entire order have no direct link with the statuses for the occurrences of the items. The status can be updated under the “Item/Occurrences” tab. The status for an Item is defined by the project. Read more: Setup for the Delivery Module


  • Displays overview of quantity and status for Items and Occurrences/ individuals. If individuals have been generated for an occurrence, these are displayed and not the occurrence.

  • Set status for the Items and the Occurrences. Item status is defined by the project. Read more: Setup for the Delivery Module

  • Generate indiviuales

  • Print label

  • Add sub-component

  • Remove from the delivery module

  • Display log for occurrences


Information about the supplier

Log History

Display the last 30 changes that have been done


Add, view or delete documens.

Project specific tabs

An admin user are able to add extra tabs and fields where you can register more information on an order.

4. Order/ Delivery log

Option the view log for all orders

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