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Revit - dRofus Plugin Options

Select "Options" to open the window.

Plugin information

Display the current version of dRofus Client / Add-On and the file path to where the Add-On file is installed.

User options: These options are related to the images imported into dRofus.

Here you can set the resolution for image export. Default is 800 dpi. You are also able to select exporting images where the images do not crop as per the actual room geometry, but are instead proportioned to a square image to fit the geometry.

Document options: These options are related to the Revit document itself and are stored inside the document.

Model name: Here you can define the name of the Revit model. For more information: Use Model Name to work with multiple design models

Prompt for login: prompt for a dRofus login when the Revit model is opened.

Automatic login: Check box to automatically login to the (last logged in) dRofus database. This will work as long as you have opted to "Remember Password" within your login window. See Log in. In order to facilitate this, 4 x Shared Parameters will be added to the Revit model in order to house the information as per the example below:

Project options: These are options stored within the dRofus database and are only accessible by Users with Project Administrator Rights.

Area Unit: Here you can define which area unit is to be used in dRofus.

Force track changes: This option will prevent Users from disabling the track changes feature when logged in to a project. To ensure that this is effectively used, it should be combined with the "Prompt for login" option.

Set Room boundary tolerance

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