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Use Model Name to work with multiple design models

Multiple design models:

A common scenario for dRofus Users is that the Project is divided into multiple design models.

dRofus can be used to efficiently manage information from multiple models by storing the data. The dRofus Plug-in uses Model name to ensure that:

  • The information is up to date in the right model

  • Operations occur only for the Rooms which belong to the model you are currently working on.

The Model Name feature is available for the entities Rooms, Occurrences and Systems.

Step 1: Provide a Model Name for your model

  1. Open the "Options"

  2. Enter Model name

Step 2: Setup Attribute Configuration

To set Attribute Configuration Admin user access is required

  1. Open the “Attribute Configuration settings” window

  2. Select “Edit” beside the “Room Attribute Configuration”.

4. Select the Revit parameter called “Model name (dRofus)" that is stored as a shared parameter under “Model information”

When this "special" model name parameter is used in the configuration, the Plug-In will enable some features which will ensure that the information is kept coordinated and up to date.

5. Select the dRofus Parameter that the Model name should be written to*

*You are able to select any writable attribute within dRofus. We recommended to use a Room Group to easily view and manage your Rooms by Groups within the dRofus Client:

6. Select [Link <--]

7. Set configuration properties: Set this as the only Room Attribute Configuration available for users to select from. This will ensure that all Users write to this particular attribute so that each Room is only located once in each respective model.

You will need to ensure that each model is assigned a unique name. If you us Room Groups you have to make sure that the Model name matches exactly one of the predefined Room Group values within dRofus. In this example, "Model A" is used:

When using Model Name it is vital that all models that is supposed to be synchronized with dRofus synchronizes with Model Name - to ensure that correct connection between Revit objects and dRofus is established across all models which will prevent unintentional deletion of occurrences or systems.

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