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Search in the Delivery module

1. Search for Item in orders

1.1 Select the field:

The window below will appear

1.2. Enter the criteria you would like to search for.

You have to use [*] as the wildcard in your search term for:

  • Items

  • Room and

  • Serial number

  • Registration number

You can use [?] to specifies one random character.

3. Select “Search”

2. Search for orders

You are able search for the order in the list

2.1 Enter either the

  • Order number

  • Order name

  • Agreement number

  • Agreement name

  • Supplier.

2.2 Select “Enter” on your keyboard

The order that contains the information will be displayed

Delete search

2.3 Emty the field

2.4 Select “Enter” on your keyboard

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