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Split model and Update Model Name on Occurrences

dRofus has dedicated functionality to update Model name in an effective way.

Before moving forward we recommend reading: Use Model Name to work with multiple design models

1. Divide Model A in to two new models:

In the example below we have our original model “A” which is linked with dRofus. The objects are dividend in ‘X' and ‘Y’ that is linked with dRofus and grouped under Model Name 'A' in dRofus.

  • Model ‘A1’ containing objects “X”

  • Model ‘A2’ containing objects “Y”

2. Update object with new Model name

When Model Name has been set for the model it’s works as a filter when you synchronize - ensuring you can only sync Rooms or Occurrences in dRofus that are either part of the model you synchronize with or Rooms and Occurrences in dRofus that do not have any Model Name set. In this scenario this filter prevent us from updating object ‘X' and ‘Y’ as they are still connected to 'Model A’ in dRofus.


Step 1. Select the occurrence that you would like to update.

Step 2. Select synchronizing

Step 3. Select tick the box “Move occurrences to this model

This option is available when synchronizing occurrences from;

  1. Items <-> Families

2. Sync Selected Instances

3. Sync current View

Step 4: Select “Ok”

dRofus will then omit the filter on Model Name and synchronizes all objects in the Revit model and updates the occurrences in dRofus with updated Model Name information.

The result of this sync operation is that new model names are created in dRofus and the objects ‘X' and 'Y’ have assigned new Model Names;

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