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Excel filters

Filters in the Excel exports serve as a way to decrease the amount of data/rows exported. By applying filters you can narrow down your output to only include a relevant selection. In most cases this will also increase the speed and performance of the export generation. 

To apply a filter to the Excel export select Filter next to the Generation button in the lower right side of the window.

The filters available will vary depending on which Excel export is selected. 


Use the first dropdown list to identify what you want to use as a filter. In the image above we have used the Room function number field as a filter. The Filters work the same way as the Advanced search works for Room, Items, Occurrences, Room templates, and Systems therefore, please refer to the Search section in Advanced Search for more information on how to apply filters to your Excel exports. 

Additionally, now some fields allow for multiple select options. For example, in the Room Function field below, you can click on the No Selection option.

This will open the dialog box seen below where you can select multiple Room Functions to filter by.

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