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Function Data

In order to work with data in the function program, you have to navigate to the field you want to change by using the tree. If the field is a text field, you will then have all the space available to edit data. You can also use the toolbar, and click on "Show/Hide note" and "Show/Hide pictures" in order to change or add notes or pictures. Any fields which have notes or pictures will then be specified as such in the tree.

If you want to add new fields, you can use the "Add ..." button on the toolbar or right-click on the overview where you want to add data and click on "Add". This provides access to the fields under the title you clicked on. If there are no fields available, this option will not be shown.

If the text fields are formatted as 'rich text' you will be able to insert images and tables directly in to the text fields in the function program;

Images can also be copied and pasted directly into the text field.

You can delete data on a field either by clicking on the red cross when you see numerous fields, or choosing "Delete" from the toolbar when you are in a specific field or right-clicking a field in the tree.

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