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Function Data Editor

Function data differs from the other dynamic fields in how they appear within the user interface. There is two places the Function Data fields can appear;

  1. Within the Function Data module

  2. As properties in the Room module

1. Within the Function Data module

In the Function Data module, fields are added to Project, Functions and Sub-Functions as needed. When a field is added you can also see the labels of tabs and element within the Function data module;


2. As properties in the Room module

The same field as above can be modified to be shown in the Room module instead. You can connect fields created in the Project / Function Data editor to property panels for Project or Function/Sub-functions.

This is controlled by the "Placement" dropdown control that is displayed at the Tab level.

All of the Function Structure level names are displayed in the dropdown (including "Functions - (All)" which applies to all levels in the Function structure)

If one of the Function Level options is selected then the Flag and associated Fields are displayed in the Rooms Module Properties Panel for that particular level of the Function Structure:


For example, by selecting “Project” in the Placement dropdown list, the “General project information” tab, and all associated fields will appear in the property panel when the project level in selected;


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