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Icon Description Procurement module


To easier understand how far in the procurement process the Items are, dRofus have given symbols to the different stages. Example below shows how the symbols are used in the Procurement structure:

In the overview of Items and occurrences of an Item you will see:

  • Occurrences and Items marked with an icon indicating the stage in the procurement process

  • Item with Occurences in different stages, will be marked with the icon to the occurrence which has reached the highest stage of the process and displayed with a red exclametion mark

Example above shows that the Items in the Tender Group are in different stages

Icon meaning

Main Group

Tender Group

Sub Group





Additional orders

Delivery status has been registered for some of the occurrences/individuals for this item, but not all

Delivery status been registered for all of the occurrences/individuals for this item

Warning sign together with one of the symbol above, indicate that not all Occurrences of the same Items are in the same stage.

The supplier and offer not jet approved

The supplier and offer are approved

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