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Import and synchronizing Systems

As part of the Import and synchronize Occurrences, systems in the IFC file will also be imported and synchronized.

Write access permissions are required to import or synchronize the systems module.

To import systems, all relevant Items need to be created in dRofus first, as explained in IFC Items.

A system in the IFC will probably contain occurrences from different Items, so it is advantageous to synchronize all occurrences of relevant Items to ensure that all systems and occurrences are imported.

  1. Use the Category selector to determine which object dRofus should read from the IFC file.

  2. Press Synchronize with the model.

  3. Select All Items in the filter drop-down menu and select Ok.

By following these steps, dRofus will import/synchronize all occurrences in the IFC file and all the systems in the IFC file. dRofus will also set system components (system owner) for the systems. For more details on how dRofus determines which occurrence to set as a system component please refer to Set System component

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