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Procurement Module Interface


1) Navigation panel

This is the primary tool for navigation within the Procurement Module. Her you can see and access:

  • Tender groups

  • Tenders

  • Offers

  • Agreements

  • Orders

2) Options and overview

The Procurement Module have several tabs where you can find several options. The tabs will automatically update depending on what you select.

In addition to the tabs described, a project can define its own tabs with registration fields. The number of tabs may therefore vary from project to project. This applies for all stages.

You can toggle between tabs if you want to see the additional options that are available.

2.a Option and overview in Tender Group

  1. Tender Group

    • Tender Number

    • Tender Name

    • Requirements

  2. Items in Tender Group

    • Items linked to the tender group

    • Budget price

    • Quantities of occurrences for the planned items.

    • List over rooms where the Item occurs.

  3. Statistics/Value

    • Overview over:

    • Priority

    • Quantity of items

    • Quant Items in Tender

    • COunt Items in offer

    • Count Items in agreement

    • Quantity of occurrences

    • Total value of Items for each priority group.

  4. Possible suppliers

    • List of the suppliers linked to the tender group and which may be relevant for delivery of the equipment within this group.

  5. Documents

2b: Option and overview in Tender

  1. Tender:

    • Tender Number

    • Tender Name

    • Checkbox to lock the tender.

  2. Items :

    • Displays Items and occurrences of the Item, which are a part of the tender.

    • You can enter and delete occurrences,

    • Open planned items,

    • Open the specification of a tender item

  3. Announcements:

    • Register announcements

    • Register distributions

    • Enter the suppliers that you have sent the tender to.

    • Suppleiers you have not received or approved will be marked with a red cross

    • Approved offers will be marked with a green ticket.

  4. Suppliers/Contact persons:

    • This list contains suppliers who have submitted offers and their contact persons for the tender. This information can be utilised to e.g. generate address lists etc. for those who require information on the tender.

  5. Offers

    • Price overview over offers received

  6. Complete evaluation:

    • Total evaluation and conclusion (free text) can be entered here.

  7. Cost/budget:

    • Shows the total of the value of the items in tender, items in agreements and orders.

  8. Documents

    • Add documents to the tender

2c: Option and overview in Agreement Panel

  1. Agreement #:

    • Agreement number

    • Agreement name

    • Supplier

    • Date it was signed.

    • Option to lock and unlock the agreement. This should only be done once the agreement has been signed. The program also automatically locks the agreement once the first order has been placed.

  2. Items/Occurrences:

    • Displays the items and occurrences covered by the agreement.

    • Items/occurrences can be added and deleted.

    • Change the quantity of occurrences

    • Move occurrences to other rooms.

  3. Items/Individuals:

    • This allows you to generate individual items of occurrences.

  4. Supplier:

    • Displays details on the supplier for an agreement.

  5. Cost/budget:

    • Shows the total of the value of the items in agreements and orders.

    • Enter Agreement value for follow-up.

  6. Documents

    • Add documents to the Agreement

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