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Interface Rooms templates

1. Tabs:

The Rooms Template Module have several tabs where you can find several options. You can toggle between tabs if you want to see the additional options that are available for rooms. Note that the tabs will automatically update depending on what you select.

2. Ribbon

As in the room overview, you can access all functionality regarding the room templates in the ribbon menu

  • New Template: Add new room template

  • Delete Template: Delete selected room template

  • Copy Template: Copies the selected room template. The new room template will be assigned identical name and Room Data/items lists, but will be assigned a unique template code.

  • Convert Template: Converts a Room Template to a Room Data Template or Item List Template. 

  • Add Documents: Upload a document and attach it to the selected room template

  • Link to Documents:  If you've already uploaded a document you can attach existing documents to the room template. This way you avoid duplicate documents in the database.

  • Show Log: Opens log for the selected room template.

3. Panel

You can use the list of panels to the right to include more panels into the interface, such as Room Data Sheet, Documents, Images, list of rooms connected to the templates, logs, and items in room.

4. Navigation panel:

This is the primary tool to naviation within the Rooms Template Module. You can toggle between tabs and make a search inside each tab.

5. Template panel

This panel will list the template depending on selected template tap you have selected.

6 .Properties Panel

This panel will display properties depending on the selected entity (room template, item list template etc). Note that all room Groups, Classifications and Statuses for rooms will be displayed on the Properties Panel. These values, if set on the Template, will be inherited to the rooms when you assign a Template to the rooms in the Room module.

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