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Templates for rooms

Template usage

If a project features multiple identical rooms, implementing a room template can be a practical solution. Templates for Rooms enable the creation of standardized room data, finishes, and item lists for the entire project, including spaces like offices and toilets.

By utilizing a template, updates can be made in a central location, ensuring that all identical rooms remain consistent in their design and layout.

Templates are especially useful in larger projects, where managing a high number of rooms would otherwise become challenging and potentially overwhelming.

Templates are standard which are used to:

  • Create standardized Room Data, finishes and Item lists for the entire projec

  • Create new rooms from the templates

  • Attach data and items to rooms.

  • Templates can hold information pertaining to the Room Data as well as Item Lists or both

  • Be linked to multiple rooms in terms of Room Data + all Item List statuses, or in terms of specific (Room Data only and/or only select Item List) statuses.

  • Change information in several room at the same time. Changes made in a template will be reflected in all rooms linked to the template

  • Add or remove occurrences to the selected room template, equipment template or room. 

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