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Items Introduction

Items in dRofus are elements within a room, such as equipment or furniture. They are categorized by type and can be used across multiple rooms and projects. Items are organized in a function structure, similar to rooms, and can be easily located using the Item number. Items can be moved to new locations within the function structure, forming a new item number based on the new location. 

Each item has basic information fields and a customizable item specification for detailed descriptions including:

  • Item name

  • BIM ID

  • Budget price, date and description

  • Responsibility

  • Tender group.

The budget price forms the basis for cost estimates, with the date for when price was obtained or stipulated and a price comment for where the price was obtained. The tender group is applied to an item when it has been identified to be purchased. Each Item can be managed using a responsibility group to control the permissions for viewing and editing items. 

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