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Procurement GUI

Data fields created in the Dyn GUI for procurement will not be connected to specific items or occurrences. The data fields created in the DYN GUI for procurement can be connected to either a tender group, tender sub-group, item in tender, tender, offer, agreement, order or in delivery. The image below shows the Dynamic Graphic User Interface for the Procurement module.

The procurement module is organized in different stages of the procurement process. Inside the procurement module these stages will be represented with a three-structure. When creating tabs in the procurement GUI you need to determine the stage you want the tabs and associated datafields to appear. The location is determined by the name you insert to the Function location attribute on the flags you create. One flag will be one tab in the procurement module.

In the image above we have created a flag 'Tender data' in which we want to appear in the Tender level in the procurement module. We have then typed in the value 'tender' which will make the flag appear as a tab in the tender stage. The result in the tender level can be seen in the image below.

Use the following values to determine location of tabs in the procurement module:


Location in procurement module


Tender groups


Tender level


Offer level


Agreement level


Order level


Both in order level and in the delivery module

For more information regarding how to modify the GUI refer Editing forms.

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