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An "Item" represents a general object that has customized requirements and specifications defined by the user, which outline its functional needs and characteristics.

A "Product" is a specific type of Item that is associated with a particular product, available for purchase from a Supplier and/or Manufacturer. Product can exist independently or be assigned to an Item that includes the predefined requirements and specifications of the associated Item.

An Item can have multiple Products associated with it, but each instance of that Item can only be assigned a single Product.

Product Overview

Product Data can be viewed for Occurrences by right-clicking on an Occurrence and select Add/remove columns. Choose the fields under the heading Product.

Product Panel

To get an overview of products that are created for the items you can add the Product Panel to the user interface. The Product Panel is available in the Views tab. The Product Panel will display all available Products for the selected Item(s), Occurrence(s) or the Item Group you have selected. e.g. if you want to see all Products that are created within an entire Item Group you can select the Item Group in the Navigation Panel and see all Products for all Items in that Item Group;

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