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Run Rules

Rules can be done by either: 

  • One rule for all rooms

  • All rules for one room 

  • All rules for Multiple rooms

For an overview of rules, go to Home→Rooms → Room Data<-> Item check. The list contains an overview of the fields to be checked by the rule and whether the resource is to be counted down or not in addition to the comparison operators to be used. Double-click on a rule or choose "Properties" to view a textual description of the rule. You can then choose to run the rule to check for under-specified or over-specified. If you do not want to run the rule, you can close the window by clicking in the left-hand corner or pressing ESC.

Once the program has checked all the rooms, you will see a result window as illustrated below. This contains a list of which rooms have breach of rules (at top level), the Items in the room which breach the rule and finally which rules are breached by this Item in the room. There can be several Item in a room which are in breach of the rules, and several Item may be in breach of several rules, even though this is not displayed in this screen. The rule being breached in this example informs us that the Item field for "Water supply" (on the left) is "Yes", while the Room Data field (on the right) is not.

You can right-click on one of the results and then open Room Data Item or items list to correct the error. The rule has to be run once again to view the results of your corrections.

If you want to run Check for 'under specified' for a room or a selection of rooms, select the room(s) and select Check for 'under specified' from the ribbon menu.

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