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Send room links to other users and open the dRofus web

When a room is selected, it is possible to open this room in the dRofus web to view it there, or to create a link to the room that others can open to see the room in the dRofus web. 

These options are found in the toolbar in the ribbon under "Rooms". 

Open in dRofus Web

If you click on "open in dRofus web" the room that you are currently on, is in focus when opened in the web browser. If you were not signed in on dRofus web, you will first be taken to a sign-in page. The username and password is the same as for the client, and you will not have to specify the database or server since those are already known.

Copy link

If you click on "Copy link" a link to the selected room in the web will be placed on your clipboard, so that you can paste it into an email or any other message to other users. The user will be able to click on the link, and upon logging in to dRofus web, will have it open on the right project and showing the right room. To do this, the user must have at least Read rights on the rooms of the database in dRofus.

Copy dRofus link

If you click on "Copy dRofus link " a link to this room in the client will be placed on your clipboard so that you can paste it into an email or other message. The user receiving it has to have an installed version of the dRofus client, and appropriate access to that room (at least read) to be able to open the client from the link, being prompted to log on in the process.

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