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Room Introduction

Room Function structure:

The central concept in dRofus is the room, which is a fundamental component organized within a functional structure to create functional units. This structure typically consists of two or three levels. It's important to note that the functional position of a room is not necessarily tied to its geographical position or location.

Create and Edit Room List

Room Function number

Each room is uniquely identified by a room function number, which remains constant throughout the duration of the building project. Within the same project, no other room will be assigned the same number. The room function number is composed of two parts: the room's position within the functional structure and a serial number. For example, a room with the number A.01.02 will be positioned as follows:

Room Groups

Room Groups is an additional way of organizing rooms into groups. Read more Room Groups

Room Status and Classification:

Classification and statuses can be added to room. Read more: Room Classifications

and Add Status to Room

Templates for rooms

Room Templates are virtual spaces that transmit data and lists of items to one or more connected room instances. Templates can be used to create rooms, and any changes made to the template will be reflected in the data and item list of the corresponding rooms. Additionally, rooms can be created as "derived" from a template, meaning that the data and item list will be copied but will not be updated when changes are made to the template. Read more: Templates for rooms

Room data and Items Lists

The room is linked with other information, such as the room data sheet (Room Data) and item lists. These pieces of information are not typically assigned to a room but need to be created for each room. Read more: Room Data Sheet and Item List


Modifications made to the room properties information and any other significant changes related to the room are recorded in a log called the room log.

Read more about the Room module:

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