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Add or edit Tabs

A tab is the top level in the User Interface Editor. Depending on where they are used, tabs will have slightly different appearances in the user interface. Room Data and Item Data appear at the top as clickable dividers of the content. See the highlighted area in yellow below.


Tabs in Room Data and Item Data panel

In other locations, such as Occurrence and Systems, the tabs will appear as headers in the property panels.


Tabs in the occurrence property panel.

Create new tab

  1. Select "New Tab" from the top menu. The new tab will appear below the previously selected tab.

  2. Enter Tab Properties. see details below.


Tab Properties

The following properties are linked to tabs:




Database unique Tab ID


The name to be displayed in the user interface and in the reports

Report layout

Define how many columns to use for the Room data section in PDF reports.

This can also be managed at group level (see Add or edit Groups )

ID can be helpful for custom report editors and is auto generated.

Copy tab

When coping a tab all levels below will also be copied.

  1. Select the tab intended to be copied

  2. Right-click on the tab

  3. Select “Copy” to copy once or select “Create Multiple Copies” to create more copies at once

  4. Edit the copied tabs properties and the levels below

Move tab

Tabs location can be changed with a click & drag. Select the tab and drag it to desired location. Four small red dots will indicate where the tab can be moved. Your selected tab will be placed after the tab that are marked with the red dots.

To move several tabs in one action, press CTRL while selecting more tabs, then perform move by click & drag.

Delete tabs

Select one or more tabs and delete using the “Delete” option in the ribbon menu or Right click → Delete.

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