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1. Add or edit tabs

Add new tab either by coping or creating new:

Create New:

  1. Select the top of the tree (Example: Room Data)

  2. Select "New" from the menu or the right-click menu.

  3. Enter Properties. See more information below.

  4. Select “save to database”


The following properties are linked to tabs:




The reciprocal position of this tab in relation to the other tabs


The text to be displayed on the tab and in the report

XSL report template

The appearance the group is to have in PDF reports

This is mainly managed at group level. If you have a two-column tab, you can select "two-column-flag" here to have the column appearance shown on the screen. If you use two columns for the group in the level below, the different fields will be shown by group from left to right and downwards. This may result in a slightly different sequence than on the screen.

Copy tab:

When coping a tab all levels below will also be copied.

  1. Select Tab

  2. Right-click

  3. Select “Copy” to copy once or select “Copy..” to create more copies at the same time

  4. Edit the properties on the tabs and the levels bellow

  5. Select “save to database”

  6. Select “refresh” to preview the changes.

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