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Sync instance in Current View

This should only be used to update a one-to-one relationship between dRofus Occurrences and instances in Revit. This means that it is not recommended to sync planned Items in Rooms, but is best suited for syncing Systems or Items as Doors

Before you can sync current view you need to :

Sync instance in current view

In the drop-down-menu located in the “Systems/ Ocurrences” section within the ribbon select either:

a) “Sync current view (no prompt)” to start synchronizing.

b) “Sync current view” to see the synchronization options before starting to synchronize:

  1. Select “Move Occurrences to this model” if you would like to update the model name. Read more Split model and Update Model Name on Occurrences

  2. Select “Use system types” if you would like to sync your system on System Type level and not “System Name”

  3. Verify that the right configuration are in use

  4. Select “Categories” of Family Types that should be included in the sync.

  5. Select “Ok”

Prior to the completion of the synchronization process, a preview of the occurrences that will be created and updated (refer below) will be provided to you. This preview will enable you to assess the extent of the operation before finalizing it.

6. Select “Continue”

The Occurrence of the selected family categories is now synchronized

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