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Editing of Item Numbers

It is possible to edit and bulk update Item Number values to suit requirements. 

Edit serial number manually

To change the numeric value of an Item Number:

  1. Select Change Serial from the dRofus Ribbon Menu and a window will appear:

2. Enter the new value, that is not already in use within the Item Group

Consolidating Item Numbers

When several Items have been deleted from the Project it can leave a gap in the Item numbering sequences.

To consolidate and order the numbering on the Items remaining:

  1. Select the Item Group

  2. Right click

  3. Select  “Renumber”. Only available from the lowest level of the relevant Item Group in the Item Group hierarchy:

The Item Numbers are regenerated to be sequential and without gaps:

Edit serial number: Excel import

How to fil gaps in the serialnumber.

  1. Number: Find out which numbers you want to use.

2. Make Excel-fil: Create or Export out exel-fil that contains:

A: Item ID

B and C: Item Group number and Sub Group number. You need to export out all levels. In this example we use 2 level.

D : Serial Number

E: Item Name

3. Update serial number in the Excel-fil

4. Import Excelfil:

Updating already existing Items with new number you need to fill out:

  • Identifier Item

  • Item Number / Serial number

Creating new Item you need to fill out:

  • Item Groups (all levels)

  • Name

  • Serial Number

4. Click “Import”

5. Click “Ok”

6. Serial number updated: You will see that the gap is filled

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