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Existing Items Overview

Display Existing Items

The register of Existing Items can be displayed:

  1. Open Item Module

  2. Select Existing Items icon on the right hand menu bar. Marked in the picture bellow:

This list can be modified to display Names, ID values, Statuses, Pricing info, associated Item Occurrences and Location information for the Existing Item.

Much of this is also visible in the Properties Panel when the Existing Item is selected.

Excel export

The active list of Existing Items can be exported to MS-Excel by pressing CTRL+E when the focus is in the list.

Filter and sorting

Filters and sorting are available for performing searches in the register. Example: search for whole or parts of the name, current department, registration number or status.

Existing Items that is not connected to an Item

If an Existing Item is added to the register without an Item being selected in the Items Panel then that Existing Item will only be visible when the top level "Project Name" of the Item Group Tree is selected.

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