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Import and update of Items to Room Templates from MS-Excel

It is possible to import and update items to room templates into dRofus from Excel by going to the Import/Export tab from within the Templates for Rooms Module.

This will open a window:

The file must contain data to identify existing room templates and existing Items and data to create a new or update an existing occurrence. Read more: Create Excel-file for import and update

Import, update or Both

Select to either:

  • Import equipment which does not already exist. All occurrences which already exist will be ignored

  • Update existing equipment. All occurrences which do not exist will be ignored.

  • Both import and Update.

Identify for updating:

When updating items in room template a identifier for room and item must be selected. The drop-down menu provide which values that can be used as identifier.

Import/update Items in different Items lists

Tick the checkbox beside the "item list" if you import/update items in different item list, and indicate the column number that defines the item list. If your import/update concerns only one item list you can select it directly for your entire import:

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