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Import or Update Companies

  1. Select the the Company Module

  2. Select the tab Import / Export

  3. Click on "Import/ update Companies. Review Create Excel-file for import and update to better understand how to prepare an excel file from dRofus that could be used in this process. 

4. Select Excel fil by clicking on […]

5. Select which sheet in your excel fil that you will export information from

6. Select Row

7. Select either to:

  • Update existing contact

  • Import new

  • Import and Update

8. Select identifier key: When updating a company you need to have ID, Name or Organization number in your excel fil. dRofus will use the parameter to identify the company.

9. Enter the letter to the coloum in the excel file that you would like to import

Read more about excel-import under Introduction: Import/update with Excel-file

10. Select import

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