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Import or Update Contacts


A prepared Excel Spreadsheet with the relevant data is required in order to import or update a company. The file should include Contact persons name, and any other fields in order to update existing Contacts data. 

Review Create Excel-file for import and update  to better understand how to prepare an excel file from dRofus that could be used in this process.

To import or update Contacts for companies:

  1. Select the Company Module

  2. Select the Import/Export tab

  3. Select “Import/ Update Contacts”

Read more about how to fill in information: Introduction: Import/update with Excel-file

Import, Update or both

Select to either:

  • Import New

  • Update existing

  • Import new and update existing.

If Importing New, the Excel file must have a column identifying the Contact person ID. 

Then, determine which unique key will be used to identify the Company if necessary. A Company is required to import or update Contacts data. 

Once all of the columns have been mapped select import. 

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